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Jul Oct

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Need to Get Fired Up? Three Mistakes to Avoid


By Carol Grace Anderson  

                     “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

William Butler Yeats

Let’s be real. We all want to get or keep our zest for life, our passion to grow and be productive, but most of us aren’t fired up 24/7.  C’mon that’s unrealistic, of course. But we can kick it up a notch by avoiding three simple spark stealers:

1.    Delaying. Inertia keeps us stuck. Action makes things happen. My Grandma used to say, “Well begun is half done!” It’s true that getting started increases motivation to keep going forward. It’s the snowball effect. What have you been putting off that would get your spark back? Drop all those excuses and start now by taking that first step.

2.    Constant busy-ness. On the other hand, don’t expect that doing more will always result in more of what you want. Constant doing can wear you down and reduce the quality of your productivity. Slowing down is rejuvenating and can help you to refocus and get more accomplished. Balance is an ongoing challenge, but it’s vital!

3.    Worry. Behaviorists say that up to 97% of what we worry about never happens. What a waste! We weren’t filled with worry at birth, it was learned. The good news? It can be unlearned. When you start to focus and take action on things in life that you can control, you’ll find that, with practice, you can wipeout worry and get on with the good stuff.

Life is a series of moments. Hope you’ll make the most of yours and keep fired up!